1974 TREE I (B&W Linocut limited edition – edition increased in ?)
1974 TREE II (“Bush” black &white linocut limited edition)
1975 TAFELBOEK (wooden off-cuts, fits through front door of Brighton Court, Hillbrow)
1975 SELF PORTRAIT OF HAND (Blue ball point pen drawing)
1976 SKATKISSIE (Tambotie box in 3 parts, wedding present to Denise)
1977 FIREWORKS I (Gouache splatter)
1977 FIREWORKS II (Gouache splatter)
1977 FISHY TOOLS (Named in 2006)
1977 SKUURDERY (Sanded down acrylic painting)
1977 WEEFSEL (“Textile” gouache splatter)
1977 VENSTER )”Window” gouache splatter)
1978 BLOKKIESRAAISEL (“Crossword Puzzle” – filling-in of puzzles 1975-1978)
1978 DEATH OF TYPE WRITER I & II (Found 1978; as KYKAFRIKAANS cover 1980)
1978 STOKKIESKLUIS (‘box’ of glass & dried twigs, began in 1977)
1979 BANGBOEK (Complete diaries & write text at Doornkop Military Base 1978)
1979 BLOEISELPLAS (“Blomblare”/”Flower Petals” from Proctor garden 1978-1979)
1979 KLEINPEN I (“Microscopic Writing I” old prayer books re-written 1978-1979)
1979 SPLINTERMAT (“Meditation Mat” broken twigs)
1979 STROOPKWASWERK (Collage sanded down, varnished)
1979 VERSKEUR (Field of torn paper pieces arranged end-on)
1980 BLOKKIESRAAISEL (“Crossword Puzzle” – border of more puzzles added)
1980 CHAOS (Oil paint, shaped objects)
1980 COLOUR CHARTS (‘Skynbord” Industrial colour charts – work began in 1977)
1980 CUBE Prototype 1 (“Kubus” Aluminium; work began in 1976. stolen in 1981
1980 KAARTMATJIE (“Coloured Cards”)
1980 KYKAFRIKAANS (Anthology published 1980, arliest poems date back to 1976)
1980 KLEINPEN II (“Microscopic Writing II” – collection Retha Snyman, Bloemfontein)
1980 STOKKIESDRAAI (“Medicine Bag”/“Medisynesak” – Camelthorn)
1980 VROETELMAT (Brushes)
1981 CUBE Prototype 2 (“Kubus” Aluminium)
1981 BANGBOEK (Pen & ink, paper, cryptic text)
1981 BRANDSTAPELS (Deliberately destroyed by fire 1982)
1981 KAARTLAND (“Library Cards” 1980-1981)
1981 KASBOEK (“Medicine Chest”/“Medisynekas” construction: 8 months)
1981 KONFETTI (“Sirkeltjies” Silk-screen of drawing of small, paper punch circles)
1980 KYKAFRIKAANS (Set of 8 silkscreen prints, X 20 edition for each print)
1981 MA SE MAT (Found object – collection I Kruger)
1981 MONDSTUK (“Chewing Gum”)
1981 SANDKOEVERT (Sand, glass – to secure Rand Merchant Bank commission in 1988)
1981 SINSVERBUIGING (“Declension of Sentences” Silk-screen of distorted text)
1982 CHAIR (Cedar wood, Linda Polonsky)
1982 CUBE (“Kubus” Aluminium; first 40 made for an edition of 50 see 2009)
1982 WOLSTORIE (wool, wood; 1978-1982)
1983 370-DAY PROJECT (Commence: 12 September 1982, Venice)
1984 KANTSKRIF (Superimposed photocopy of Bible notes since 1974, Harrie Siertsema)
1984 SKOMMELMELPEN (Superimposed photocopy of diary notes dating back to 1974)
1984 WOODEN SHIFTS (“Rectangle” 5 x edition, 1 x artist’s proof)
1985 HOT CROSSED BOWL I (Multiple slices of wood)
1985 HOT CROSSED BOWL II (Cedar bowl, Zimb. teak ‘stone’, Imbuia inlay, begun 1983)
1985 STONE TRAIN (Broken marble stones on marble base, string)
1985 WOODEN CUBE (5 X edition in different types of wood)
1987 BLIND WALLS (Concept for dictionary on walls for the 11 official languages of S.A.)
1989 GAEA (3 Panels collected sand, Rand Merchant Bank, relocated 1997)
1991 GAEA INDEX (Collection of GAEA sands in small bottles on racks in wooden frame)
1992 AUTOCHTHONOUS JOURNEY (Bags, sand – converted to UMHLABATHI in 2001)
1994 ANNULOID (Imbuia, Yellowwood, Braille, twigs from England, Wales, Scotland)
1995 BLIND ALPHABET A B C (336 sculptures, Braille, steel bases, baskets, 1990-1995)
1995 BOTTLED HOPE (Seed of 350 plant species)
1996 BOUSTROPHEDON (Hitch-hiker Invite)
1996 BIGEMINAL (Oregon Pine, Imbuia)
1996 DISCUS (Mahogany, Pau Marfim, Hakea, Braille)
1996 PSEPHOS (Pebbles from 18 locations in 9 new provinces of S.A. – BHP Billiton)
1997 ABAMFUSA LAWULA (Struggle slogans on large panel)
1997 BAD FAITH CHRONICLES (Assemblage of labelled dolls & Bibles on 11 panels)
1997 BUCHER (Wood)
1997 GARDEN OF WORDS I (5000 plant labels, small blocks of wood, glass 1985-1997)
1997 SEVEN PILLARS OF JUSTICE (Zimbabwe teak, Leadwood, Braille)
1997 SHREDDED EVIDENCE (Wooden sarcophagus with text)
1997 TREE OF KNOWLEDGE – DRUID’S KEYBOARD (Wooden ‘pebbles’)
1997 TREE OF KNOWLEDGE – LETTERS TO GOD (Block of wooden splinters, Greek ABC)
1997 TREE OF KNOWLEDGE – BROKEN GARDEN (Field of wooden splinters)
1997 WRITING THAT FELL OFF THE WALL (Installation, wood, text, Jhb. Biennale, Madrid)
1999 GARDEN OF WORDS II – 1st (8th Floralies Internationales, Nantes, destroyed)
2000 INDEX OF (B)REACHINGS (Installation of 85 units on divination in Europe & Africa)
2000 KRING VAN KENNIS (11 Polished Belfast black granite stones, text in 11 languages)
2000 MNEMOSYNE (Installation, plastic tags, Wits University)
2000 WRITING IN THE SAND I (Installation, sand, text Havana, Copenhagen, Champlitte, Jhb)
2001 BELEMNOID (Sculpture, marble)
2001 BELEMNOID (Model for sculpture, wood)
2001 KANTE VAN DIE WIND (Imbuia, glass, box with moveable parts)
2001 PANIFICE (60 Texts, granite breads, Venice Biennale & Boijmans v Beuningen, Rotterdam)
2001 UMHLABATHI (Sand, plastic containers. Mpumalanga Legislature, Nelspruit)
2001 WINDFALL (Zimbabwe Black and Rustenburg Grey granite, sandblasted text)
2001 WRITING IN THE SAND 2 (Denmark –sand fields, texts with S.A.’s 9 trad languages)
2001 WRITING IN THE SAND 3 (RAU –sand fields, texts with S.A.’s 9 trad languages)

2002 BLACK CHRISTMAS (Plastic toys)
2002 BREAK-UP (Mixed media)
2002 CHIASMUS (Floor piece, MTN headquarters)
2002 GARDEN OF WORDS II – 2nd (Art Centre Silkeborg, Denmark, Bogatzke Collection)
2002 MAZE (World Summit)
2002 PHILOSOPHERS’ AVENUE (12 X Granites stones, Didata)
2003 32000 DARLING LITTLE NUISANCES (5 X images, text acetate, polystyrene, mirrors)
2003 ANARCHY SIGNS (Diptych, lithography)
2003 CLOSED BALLOT (2 X boxes in Imbuia, Rosewood, glass)
2003 FLAG I (USA flag, broken plastic toys)
2003 FLAG II (Great Britain flag, broken plastic toys)
2003 KYKAFRIKAANS (Set of 12 silkscreen prints, X 20 edition for each print)
2003 NEVES I & II (Diptych, etching)
2003 OSTRAKON (Broken ceramic tiles, text – original work 2001 in plasic floortiles, destroyed)
2003 PSEPHOCRACY (Granite, glass, pebbles; sandblasting)
2003 PRISON HACKS (Each prisoner’s granite tablet X 5)
2003 PRISON SENTENCES (1 X full set of 8 prisoner’s granite tablets X 5)
2003 SECRET LETTERS (10 X panels, cloth, text)
2003 SPOILED VOTE (Suspended signpost & excavated concrete base, street names)
2003 TRYING TO VOTE (Wood, cut-up maps of 1993 Britain & 1976 South Africa)
2004 CACOETHES SCRIBENDI (Text in sheep manure)
2004 CHEAP LABOUR (Text on 7 X found spades)
2004 FAR FAR AWAY (20 X maps with Bethulie concentration camp children list of names)
2004 HOW TO WIN A WAR (Sand, soil as Springfontein concentration camp cemetery)
2004 HOW TO WIN A WAR (10 X concentration camp cemetery images)
2004 I AM NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM (T-shirt)
2004 I KNOW YOU KNOW (soil, sand, glue, metal )
2004 JERUSALEM JERUSALEM (Building rubble, demolished tarmac, shrapnel, wire cages)
2004 LEBAB (Cardboard, texts from Genesis 11)
2004 LIBERTÉ ÉGALITÉ (Manipulated puzzle of New York city-scape)
2004 NOTHING IS ALWAYS RIGHT (Sand, Masonite, wood, glue)
2004 NOTHING IS OBVIOUS (Sand, Masonite, wood, glue)
2004 SDROW FO NWODKAERB (8 panels dictionary entries, old tools, paper)
2004 SERIAL KILLER (Letters on granite blocks)
2004 SILLOGRAPHIST (Cement, steel, wood, glue, sand, text: “With greatest respect…”)
2004 SKOOB (Stones & Bibles opened at crucial verse – increases in size as collection grows)
2004 WAR AND PEACE (Metal boards, sand, soil, glue, text)
2004 WINDOW TEXT I – “We must make sure that nobody is intimidated by …” (Goodman)
2004 WINDOW TEXT II – “Words have no meaning” (Goodman)
2005 CHING CHONG CHA (Stones, paper shreds, shards & metal bits in aluminium)
2005 FALLEN 2-LETTER WORDS (Wood, sand, glue, text)
2005 FALLEN 3-LETTER WORDS (Wood, sand, glue, text)
2005 MOONWORDS (Cloth, beadwork, Mogalakwena)
2005 IMPI UKUTHULA (Masonite box covered in plastic war toys, soil, gravel, wood glue)
2005 STICKS AND STONES (Box of wood, paper, stone, text)
2006 CITY BOOK (Various types of wood, 21 X edition, 4 X artist proofs)
2006 CLAVIS SCRIPTORIUM (Plywood, fishing line, Standard Bank archive documents)
2006 GARDEN OF WORDS III (Installation plastic flowers, text– Kirstenbosch, Somerset W, Nirox)
2006 SIGNS OF PEOPLE (Origins Centre, plexiglass plates, text)
2006 WOOD CONCERTO (4 X Panels, reject wooden blocks & offcuts – Bantry Bay)
2006 YOUNG GUNS O (Plastic toys, sand, glue)
2006 YOUNG GUNS X (Plastic toys, sand, glue)
2007 BLIND ALPHABET D, E (30 sculptures, Braille, steel bases, baskets)
2007 BLIND DOTS (30 X industrial brushes banked together)
2007 BLIND FISH I (Sculpture, Kiaat)
2007 BLIND FISH II (Sculpture, Kiaat)
2007 BLIND FISH III (Sculpture, Kiaat)
2007 BLIND FISH IV (Sculpture, Wild olive)
2007 COPROPHEMISM (“Fucking beautiful” written with old cutting boards)
2007 ÉPAT (“Épat” written with old casette tapes and tape holders)
2007 HIROSHIMA SHADOWS (3 X Superimposed puzzles)
2007 NICE GUYS (52 X Neckties, aluminium name tags, cloth)
2007 HOUSE OF HERBS (Glass, steel. Schachat Residence, Vaal River, Sasolburg)
2007 VEXILLATOR (Old British flag, mapping pins, softboard, wood)
2007 WALKING STICK JIG (Cut-up Zebrawood walking sticks, Sapele mahogany)
2008 BIFISTULAR (Wooden sculpture, Imbuia)
2008 BOUSTROPHEDON (Wooden sculpture, Imbuia)
2008 DRUID WALKS ( New York, Cape Town, Kalahari, Wales, Boschpoort etc.)
2008 LONG SHADOWS (Granite at entrance to constitutional court)
2008 PLANETS OF ECHINUS (Zebrano, Braille)
2008 WINDWOORDE (Plastic bags, aluminium frameworks, cable, text – forest installation)
2009 BIFIDITY (2 Piece sculpture, various woods, 30 X edition, only 14 made)
2009 CHILDREN OF THE STARS – Big Ben (granite stone, polished, sandblasted text)
2009 CHILDREN OF THE STARS – Little Ben (granite stone, polished, sandblasted text)
2009 CHILDREN OF THE STARS – Split Ben (granite stone, polished, sandblasted text)
2009 DRUID WALKS (Boschpoort, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Basel)
2009 FAKE
2009 MORABARABA STONE (Black granite with text)
2009 NIGHTS WINDS (6 X panels, beadwork)
2009 NOLI TURBARE CIRCULOS MEOS (Granite, text & diagrams sandblasted)
2009 PENELOPE’S DISTAFF (Black granite, text)