Media/ Press works written about Willem Boshoff

Studies on the work of Willem Boshoff

Students have included the work of Willem Boshoff in full or as part of their studies. These studies range from many high school projects to more sophisticated research projects of university students to masters and doctorate students. Some of these completed or in progress are:

Gentric, Katja: Doctorate on the work of Willem Boshoff at Dijon University, France

Dantas, Nancy: Masters degree, Lisbon University, curatorship of the work of Willem Boshoff

Paton, David: Masters degree, University of the Witwatersrand on KYKAFRIKAANS

Erasmus, Stefan: Masters degree, University of the Witwatersrand on KYKAFRIKAANS

Souchon, Natalie: Dissertation at University of South Africa on GARDENS OF WORDS

Roolvink, Joanne: Masters degree at the University of the Witwatersrand on the work of Willem Boshoff

Swanepoel, Rita; Doctorate on the work of Willem Boshoff at Potchefstroom University


Video :

WILLEM BOSHOFF Blind Alphabet 23rd São Paulo Biennale 1996 Commissioned by Africus Institute for Contemporary Art, directed by Peni Flascas.

Compact Disk:

2000/1INDEX OF (B)REACHINGS – the exhibition and text on compact disk, compiled in collaboration with professor Rory Doepel, University of the Witwatersrand


Television and Radio Programmes :

DIE KRAAINES SABC TV “Willem Boshoff Kunstenaar” 20.5.82

COLLAGE SABC TV “Blind Alphabet Project” April 1995

RISE UP AND READ SABC TV “Sculpture for the Blind” July 1995

SIPHIWE “Blind Alphabet” June 1997


BETWEEN THE LINES “Death of the Book” E-TV August 1999

KUNSKAFEE “Index of (B)reachings” KYKNET August 2000



RADIO 702 Interview with Jenny Crwys Williams, November 2007

Website and Internet:

Personal website:

Search: for Willem Boshoff at or

Books :

Allara, Pamela, Martin, Marilyn COEXISTENCE Contemporary Cultural Production in South Africa Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University Boston 2003

Anonymous JOHANNESBURG BIENNALE (Catalogue) “Inside Outside” Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council 1995

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Casper, R N & Hawkey C JUBILAT five Robert N Casper, University of Massechusetts 2002

Enwezor, Okwui TRADE ROUTES History and Geography, 2nd Johannesburg Biennale 1997 Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council 1977, text by Mosquera, Gerardo

Enwezor, Okwui THE SHORT CENTURY Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa 1945 – 1994 Prestel Munich, London, New York 2001

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Stevenson, Micael MOVING IN TIME AND SPACE (Shifts Between Abstraction and Representation in Post-war South African Art Dimension Data 2003

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Williamson, Sue ART IN SOUTH AFRICA the future present David Philip, Cape Town 1996

Ysla, Nelson Herrera SÉPTIMA BIENAL DE LA HABANA Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wilfredo Lam 2000

Magazine Articles, Dissertations, Brochures, Catalogues :

Artsense Association ARTSENSE AND BLIND ALPHABET B (Promotion brochure) Birmingham, England, January 1996

Boshoff, Willem NONPLUSSED Exhibition Catalogue, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg 2004

Boshoff, Willem LICKED Exhibition Catalogue, Michael Stevenson Fine Art Exhibition, Cape Town 2003

Boshoff, Willem ÉPAT Exhibition Catalogue, Michael Stevenson Fine Art Exhibition, Cape Town 2007

Jamal, Ashraf WILLEM BOSHOFF Blind Alphabet 23rd São Paulo Biennale 1996 (Brochure). Published by Africus Institute for Contemporary Art

Burger, Lucia DE ARTE 65 (UNISA Magazine) “Panifice and Writing in the Sand” 2002

Bester, Martie DE KAT “Harthout – Noli turbare circulos meos” November 2007

Burger, Lucia INSIG (Magazine) “Obsessies by hom ‘n lewenswyse” May 1994

Burger, Lucia DE KAT (Magazine) “Laat die klippe praat” January 2001

Carman, Jillian INFAMA (Journal of South African National Council for the Blind) “Willem Boshoff’s alternative art” April 1995

Classic Feel Team CLASSIC FEEL magazine “Willem Boshoff – The Forms of Words and the Shape of Language” October 2007

Decembristerne DEN FRIE UDSTILLINGS BYGNING (Copenhagen catalogue) 2001

Dubow, Neville WEEKLY MAIL & GUARDIAN (newspaper article) “Cutting edge falls between art and life” 5.5.95

Fuller, Natasha (curator) FNB VITA ART NOW Catalogue Sandton Civic Gallery 1997

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O’Toole, Sean FRIEZE (Magazine) Willem Boshoff – Standard Bank Gallery September 2007

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Shapiro, Leonard WILLEM BOSHOFF’S 370-DAY PROJECT South African Art News, January 2002

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Stadskrif thesis Prinsloo J. N.


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